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Anarchism Gets Punished!

“You do the crime, you do the time”

We have been wondering why we don’t hear anything about the violent anarchists, which the liberal media called “protesters,” being prosecuted for their crimes of destroying private property and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage.

Just look at the videos of these vandals at UC Berkeley, NYU, other UC campuses, etc. They even come with dressed in special ops battle gear with what looks like assault weapons. Not a policeman to be seen. Apparently, they were under orders from the mayors to stand down.

Well the wheels of justice grind slowly, but often there is justice. On Feb. 10, 2017 we read this about the rioters during the Inauguration.

More Than 200 Trump Inauguration Rioters Have Been Indicted, Face Serious Jail Time


Breaking News Editor
February 10, 2017

The left-wing thugs and “anti-fascists” who rioted at President Donald Trump’s inauguration were far more violent than the media reported.

Trump supporters faced possible injury attending the inauguration, while these anarchists destroyed businesses, set fires, and destroyed property.

People and cops were hurt and many ended in the hospital.

Now, we’re learning that more than 200 protesters have been formally indicted, each facing a $25,000 fine and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years!

They deserve their punishment for their reckless, criminal activity:

The indictment, handed up D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday, charged 146 additional protesters with felony rioting — meaning they face a fine of up to $25,000 and a maximum of 10 years in prison.

On Inauguration Day — Jan. 20 — 230 people were arrested and charged with felony rioting. Twelve cases have been dismissed.

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies provided 3,000 officers and were supported by 5,000 National Guard members and police officers in patrolling the streets during President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Nevertheless, protesters clashed with cops in various locations throughout the day. The final confrontation led to the arrests of more than 200 people near Franklin Square, about a mile and a half from Capitol Hill.

As a result, four businesses were vandalized and sustained “significant damage,” demonstrators lit a limousine on fire, and six police officers suffered minor injuries after protesters set fires and threw rocks, bricks, trash cans and other small objects, according to Acting Police Chief Peter Newsham.

Via NBC News

Police officers have turned over hundreds of hours worth of video for federal investigators to review. Police officers worked undercover during the riots to document these violent crimes. And we’re seeing that many of the rioters were college students who lived far away from Washington D.C., which means they were probably purposefully organized and driven to D.C. to start violent riots.

We should thank the 3,000 police officers and 5,000 members of the National Guard who patrolled the streets during the ceremony. Washington, D.C. is still cleaning up significant damage, and liberals should be ashamed of this behavior. These rioters deserve the maximum punishment allowed by law.

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