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Ban All Murder Weapons?

The 18 year old Iranian-German murderer who shot and killed 9 people in a Munich shopping center triggered this question: Do gun control laws work? Then one must ask: How did this person get the guns?

Germany has the tightest gun control laws in Europe. In 2015, there were 57 gun homicides in Germany, up from 42 the previous year.

Chicago, which has the strictest gun control laws in the US, has that many shootings every weekend.

The Islamic terrorist in Nice, France who killed at least 84 spectators, including many children who were watching the Bastille Day fireworks, did that with a truck. Should all truck be banned?

Just recently in Britain, another Islamic terrorist with a knife killed one person and injured others. Should all knives by banned?

In Germany, an Islamic terrorist on a train killed a person with an axe. Should hardware stores not be allowed to sell axes?

When will the actual cause of mass killings be addressed instead of the tools that are being used? Might it not be better to address what motivates these culprits instead of blaming their tools?

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