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bert dohmen defeats investor suit

Bert Dohmen Defeats Majority of Malicious Investor Suit

As I wrote in a posting previously on, I became a victim of the latest strategy by ethics-deficient people thinking they can pressure a highly reputable business person to settle a lawsuit brought with malicious accusations, false hoods, and irrelevant charges. I refused to even discuss such a settlement.

My attorney filed a motion for Summary Judgment with the court, as a first step. I am happy to report that I obtained a court ruling throwing out the majority of the accusations of this pernicious civil lawsuit.

The Court agreed that the vast majority of the plaintiff’s allegations of “fraud” were completely without basis, and summarily dismissed them.

The Court also dismissed all of the Complaint’s allegations of professional or other negligence.

According to my counsel, “This was an important ruling, as it eviscerates the plaintiff’s principal claims.

I look forward to dispensing with the remainder of this baseless case at trial – if not sooner. This is really a matter of an investor who is upset with the way the market performed, and blames me for the losses he sustained. So he finds a lawyer ready to say anything and then sues. I was threatened that this matter would be “widely criticized,” apparently in the hope that this would compel me to settle. I don’t submit to such devious methods.

I don’t mind being fairly criticized, but to be so brazenly and falsely accused of fraud wrongly tarnishes the good reputation I achieved over my 39 years in the investment research industry.

I have an excellent reputation, and I am known for my analysis and forecasts of the investment markets and the economy. I have been ranked #1 Stock Market Timer in the nation.

I have a very loyal following.  Many of the subscribers of Dohmen Capital have been with the firm for 20-38 years, which is unprecedented in our field. We have the greatest clients in the world, many of whom have become true friends.

Thank you for your continued loyalty.