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Censorship and the End Of Free Speech

A teacher in England is suspended for addressing a trans-gender child accidentally as “girl.” A student received a low grade on a paper for using the word “mankind” which infers a gender consultation. There now is a new word and law called “mis-gendering” for anyone who uses a gender pronoun not chosen by the offended person.

The US media, which used to be known as “news”, has almost no international news, but occupies most of its time on insignificant issues. For example, the last week has been taken up with the photo of a former comedian turned senator, groping a fellow performer, a girl in combat fatigues, obviously meant to be a joke. Another big item the US news was Republican judge who won the election supposedly dating an underage girl about 37 years ago.

But the media brings almost nothing about what may be the biggest political scandal of the century, involving the sale of 20% of US uranium deposits to Russia, approved by the former secretary of state who then ran for president of the US.  It is reported that her organization received over $100 million from the Russians for “enabling” this transaction. A multitude of laws were broken by various top-level governmental people, some of which are still in high positions of government today. Only FoxNews  tells you all the details of this.

So where does a person, who is interested in what’s going on in the rest of the world, go? The BBC is one place. RT is another. Unfortunately, the latter is a Russian firm, whose stories at times do not fit the Washington agenda of what they want the public to know and think. Therefore, RT was just forced to register as a “foreign agent.”

This puts numerous restrictions on the network. Now it is easy for Washington to ‘educate’ RT on the desired storylines. Some well-known people have their shows on RT, such as Larry King.

Former presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul has an article you will find interesting:

By its attack on RT, the US government is officially telling us that only the mainstream media (MSM) can be regarded as are purveyors of Truth (with a capital T) and that anybody not on the approved list is fake. How do we know? Why, the MSM themselves tell us! The Washington Post’s “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” CNN’s “Facts First.” The New York Times’ “The Truth is Hard.” (The fact that certifiably authoritative and truthful media are militantly hostile to Russia, not to mention to Donald Trump, is purely coincidental.)

Make no mistake – what has started with RT won’t end with RT. Our betters have decided they need to protect our minds from “propaganda” penetration that might cause us to doubt the truth of what CNN and the Washington Post tell us.

It has now become trendy for any one and any government wanting to blame its lack of success uses Russia as the convenient scapegoat. The prime minister of England has just given a long speech blaming Russia on interfering in its BREXIT process. She hopes this will shift the blame of her incompetence to the Russians.

Members of the Spanish government are blaming Russia for the efforts of the province of Catalonia to break away from Spain. Yes, we are to believe that the Russians have caused the Catalonian effort although that started at least 50 years ago.

And of course we have the failed presidential candidate in the US blaming her failure to win on “Russian interference.”

Now we even have a minor, unsuccessful actor in Hollywood using this trend. Someone accused him of sexual misconduct many years ago when he was an actor on Star Trek. He blames the accusation on Russia.

And then we have the effort to regulate free speech on social media. Everyone has heard about entities in Russia spending $150,000 on articles on Facebook to allegedly interfere with the US presidential election. According to some sources, the female candidate spent close to $1 billion on her campaign and lost. And now we hear that $150,000 dollars spent by Russia on Facebook perhaps changed the outcome. If Facebook is that effective, all businesses should be using it for their ads.

We find it peculiar, that none of these articles have been disclosed. Were they in favor of one or the other candidates? No one asks that question.

We might ask, what is behind this agenda? Here is an excerpt form TheDailyBell:

Okay, so for people like Weinstein and Spacey, there are enough people coming forward with enough verifiable evidence that they are beyond a reasonable doubt sexual predators.

But could this be the media’s angle? The first step is to accuse all the easy targets. Get the public whipped into a frenzy. Once everyone has the torches and pitchforks, all that will be required is an accusation, and the mob will burn the witches. And at that point, no one will wait to see if the evidence pans out. A simple accusation, true or false will condemn a man and destroy his career.

Unfortunately, these conditions will make liars and exploiters come out of the woodwork. It’s now trendy to accuse someone, and a consensual one night stand might turn into borderline rape in decades-old retrospect. You will have some people who want attention and money. You will also have some people who simply want to ruin a famous person.

And you will have elites picking targets in their games of power. Just consider how Julian Assange and Dominique Strauss-Kahn were accused of rape at opportune times to ruin them. Both charges were later dropped. Perhaps today in the witch-hunt mindset, the charges would have been further pursued.

Could this be the agenda: make anyone who doesn’t toe the party line a potential sexual predator?

Conclusion: it is obvious that “freedom of speech” no longer exists. Controlled speech is now the order of the day. And very few people complain. This is how a democracy and freedom disappear. The media used to be on the forefront of fighting such adverse trends. But now they’re willing collaborators in furthering this agenda.

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