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Do We Need The “Trump Wall?”

Donald Trump says he would build a big wall along the entire Mexico-US border. First of all, we should not call it “Trump Wall.” Freedom Wall would be better, as it would help to protect the freedom of all Americans.

Secondly, such walls have been built many times throughout history. Many scoff at the idea. But is it outlandish?

Israel build a security fence. Here are the stats of before the security fence and after:

According to Tirza, between 2000 and 2006 (before the fence), there were 4,000 terrorist attacks in Israel, resulting in the deaths of 1,639 Israelis. In stark contrast to those statistics, from 2007 through the present in 2015, there have only been 32 suicide-bomb attacks, and only 20 Israelis have died. –

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And third, the more important function of the wall would be to keep the terrorists out, not just those illegally seeking a better life with welfare, etc. in the US.

Yes, Middle Eastern terrorists, including Al Qaeda and ISIS are already in the US, through the Mexican border. Those can do much more harm that the illegals who come to the US to work. Remember, the Great Wall of China Trump often refers to was built to keep out the murdering Mongol hordes, not people wanting to work in China.

But there is a better way: remove all the incentives for people to come here. Anchor babies, law enforcement not allowed to ask if someone has a visa, providing welfare, food, schools, to anyone who walks across the border.

How can we not expect people around the world to be attracted to this Santa Claus heaven, if all the benefits are free. And when they work, they don’t pay taxes, making it impossible for US very small businesses to compete, because they pay taxes.