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More Fake News – On The First Family

The factoids of the left wing continue to insult the intelligence of its readers by publishing more fake news and made-up stories about the First Family.

Ask yourself, what would most Americans say if China or Russia were to publish such lies and insults? Wouldn’t we get very upset and perhaps find way to retaliate? We are all in favor of the ‘free press,” but there should be respect for decency and the truth.

This latest insult apparently came from Newsweek. We remember when a few years ago that rag was sold to a buyer for $1. We thought the buyer paid too much, About 30-40 years ago it was a respected news mag which we read each week. Now, if we want to read fiction, we would prefer Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Here is an expose on the ‘fake news’ as reported by the Horn News:

Liberal media attacks Melania Trump over dying tree (ridiculous!)

December 27, 2017 by Kylie Handler, editor

Newsweek has just shown how far they will go to drag the first family through the mud.

On Tuesday, the liberal news source was under heavy fire for spreading fake news about first lady Melania Trump ordering the removal of a 200-year-old tree on the White House lawn.
As it turns out, the United States National Arboretum recommended the removal of the dying tree, not Melania.

Newsweek has not been shy about their hatred for President Donald Trump, they have even compared him to murder Charles Manson–but to slander his wife is for removing a dead tree is going too far.

Twitter users were very angry with the suggestion that the first lady would ruthlessly cut down a historic tree.

They even slammed The Hill for falsely reporting on the same story, twice.

My View: Remember when political news exposed the real truths and issues within our society? Now it seems, the media only wants to report what “sells”, they have no honor and only report what will lead to short-term gain, completely forgetting their “duty”. Today, grave societal issues and events go unsaid. They happen right before our very eyes, yet our eyes are not allowed to seem them. We cannot truly see because the media only lets us see what they wish. They attack the innocent because it sells. They create fake news because it sells. Deep down, they must realize their credibility is being sold with it.

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