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Gender-Neutral Toilets

Los Angles is very progressive, as in Bernie, Hillary, and other politicians.

Out with the old, and in with the new. That seems to be the motto in the Los Angeles Unified School district.  Read the full article from Fox News LA:

“It’s just a toilet.”

That was the name of the campaign but it’s not just a toilet to a group of student activists at Santee Educational Complex.

Now a 15-stall bathroom is the first gender neutral bathroom in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Students on campus were mixed about having the gender neutral bathroom, some girls saying they wouldn’t feel safe especially with Snapchat apps being so popular now.

Others says it’s good to have an alternative for people who want one.

The gender neutral bathroom is centrally located on the second floor of campus making it easy for the nearly 1800 students to access.

Old people like us don’t think it’s quite appropriate, but what do we know. I am really trying hard to understand the reason for this. Do girls really want to see guys standing at urinals, and turning around and showing what they got? Do they really want to be harassed by teenage guys looking over the door of the stalls while they are sitting on the toilet?

But the intelligent members of the school board must know. After all they are the smartest in the community and know what is proper for the modern times

What’s next? How about a special area in the restroom, with a curtain, where the kids can practice sex? That would give a whole new meaning to “sex ed.”

Isn’t the progressive agenda for the country wonderful? It is so liberating! And right next door, they can have the room for the babies of unwed mothers. How convenient! How could anyone object to such efficiency!