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“In the investment markets, what everyone knows is usually not worth knowing.”
George Soros

George Soros Warns Of An Existential Threat To Europe

The refugee crisis in Europe has George Soros in a tizzy. He is the billionaire who toppled the British currency years ago, making billions in the process.

I have always suspected that he concluded making investments on things that you think may happen, such as currency crisis in a country as its debt becomes overwhelming, has the risk that it may not happen. Hedge funds, such as those of Soros, face that dilemma every day. It is much more predictable to make it happen. In other words, create the crisis. Read some of George’s books and you will see!

So now George warns of an “existential threat” to Europe if it doesn’t absorb 500,000 refugees per year. He writes: “The asylum policy that emerged from last month’s EU-Turkey negotiations…. imposes quotas that many member states oppose and requires refugees to take up residence in countries where they don’t want to live.”

Amazing! George, as an immigrant himself, knows that every country has restrictions on who can live there or not. You need a resident permit, which is very difficult to get in most countries.

Furthermore, the refugees are not “required” to take up residence in countries where they don’t want to live. They can stay where they came from. I might want to live in Switzerland, but it’s tough to get a resident permit. Should Switzerland be forced to accept me?

Could George’s proposal be a ploy to have Europe overwhelmed financially by the burden imposed on the countries, producing a currency crisis of immense proportions?

That would create another great opportunity to short a plunging currency, making billions of dollars in profits for those shorting the currencies. As I said, it’s more dependable when you create the crisis, then waiting for it to happen. Of course, I am not suggesting that George has that goal. But somebody may. Watch the euro currency closely. It could happen, perhaps within the next year.