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Global Warming Research—Predetermined Outcomes

Many people believe that global warming is caused by your SUV, Carbon dioxide, taking too many showers, and other things human beings do. Those people should not read the following. We only report, we don’t try to convince.

However, if you don’t believe that ‘global warming,’ if it even exists, is caused by mankind, you may be interested to see that so called research is phony, where so-called researchers are bought with grants, and the outcome of the research is predetermined in order to get future grants.

This fits well into current times, where nothing is truthful anymore. Everything seems to be a scam, untruthful, a money grab, disguised as “we have to save the system,” or “we have to save the planet.”

Here is an example of what passes as “global warming research.”

The Daily Caller reports Top University Stole Millions From Taxpayers By Faking Global Warming Research.

A global warming research center at the London School of Economics got millions of dollars from UK taxpayers by taking credit for research it didn’t perform, an investigation by The Daily Mail revealed.

The UK government gave $11 million dollars to the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) in exchange for research that the organization reportedly never actually did.

Studies that receive financial support from the public sector don’t have to disclose it as an ethical conflict of interest, even when that support is in the millions of dollars. Recent studies in the U.S. — which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses to support the scientific case for its Clean Power Plan — saw the agency give $31.2 million, $9.5 million, and $3.65 million in public funds to lead authors, according to EPA public disclosures.

The author who received $3.65 million, Charles Driscoll, even admitted to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the result of his study was predetermined, saying “in doing this study we wanted to bring attention to the additional benefits from carbon controls.”

Universities typically received about 50 percent of the money their researchers get in public funds if their investigations find positive results, making them deeply dependent upon federal funding and likely to encourage studies that will come to conclusions the government wants.

You can read the full article here:

We thank Mish Shedlock for finding this material.

If you believe in global warming, and read this article anyway, please consider spending 30 minutes on the internet and search for “climate cycles.” You will be amazed to learn that long-term climate cycles have existed for millions of years, long before the SUV was invented.

In fact, one volcanic eruption puts more contaminants into the air than human beings have done since the dawn of civilization.

And if you want to find lots of information not brought by the tainted US media, go to WIKILEAKS: 

You will be amazed.