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Greeting A Russian May Now Be Treason?

The fake story of Trump collusion with the Russians started about 18 months ago. The Special Counsel has now spent millions of our dollars on his investigation. It’s a”nothing burger” as many observers have called it.

In his desperation and need to justify his job and big pay, he now involves Ivanka Trump. The agenda, as with many attorneys, is apparently to run up “billable hours.”

As The Hill reports, “special counsel Mueller is reportedly looking into an interaction between a Russian lawyer and Ivanka Trump surrounding a controversial Trump Tower meeting during the campaign.

While the first daughter and now-White House adviser did not take part in the June 2016 meeting, she exchanged greetings with the Russian attorney and a lobbyist who attended the meeting as they stepped off an elevator, a person familiar with the exchange.”

Apparently just greeting a Russian is now a reason to suspect treason.

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