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Hillary’s Extreme Price List

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the price to be in the mere existence of Hillary Clinton is astonishing. For example, it costs $2700 each for children under the age of 16 to ask her a question.

A family photo with Mrs. Clinton costs $10,000, according to attendees of a recent event in New York.

At a recent celebrity home dinner in Beverly Hills, the price was $100,000 per plate for a dinner, which included a photo with her. What a deal!

In the last two weeks of August, Mrs. Clinton raked in roughly $50 million at 22 fundraising events, according to a New York Times tally.

At one fundraiser, 10 people paid at least $250,000 to meet her, raising $2.5 million, The Clintons, who left the White House dead broke, raised about $150,000 an hour at fundraisers over the last two weeks of August. Yes, politics pays big for some people…those who sell their souls.

She hasn’t held a press conference for about seven months according to those who keep track. We don’t. However, she has many fundraising events with the ultra-rich. That tells you who will be getting all the favors from the White House, should she get in. website wrote:

“While Donald Trump is actively reaching out to Americans of every economic background, including many of the nation’s poorest, such as in Detroit, Hillary is partying with America’s wealthiest people and celebrities behind closed doors.”

We continue to see so many similarities to the first election campaign of the Ronald Reagan. I was speaking at many conferences at that time. I always spoke with people like cab drivers, porters, bellmen, other “less fortunate” people, and was amazed that most of them would be voting for Reagan.

Reagan was attacked by the Establishment the same way as Trump has been. The same excessive criticism occurred. Americans were told that “if he gets in, retired people will be eating dog food.” On a news program in Miami, when Reagan became the official candidate, I was asked if I thought that would be true. The journalist was disappointed when I replied, “only dogs will be eating dog food.”

Is it possible that Trump will win by a big margin?