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Latest Data Shows No Global Warming!

Global warming is the greatest and biggest hoax every perpetrated on mankind since the church forced people to believe that the earth was the center of the universe. In fact, they imprisoned people for saying otherwise. Today, even the so-called “Science guy” from TV advocates imprisoning people who deny global warming.

Well, I have no conflict of interest, contrary to industry leaders like Musk who feed at the trough of subsidies to keep the planet “cool.” I only have to please my subscribers, and they are the smartest and include the most successful people in the world. I don’t try to convince anyone of my conclusions after having spent hundreds of hours on research. I have found that people who believe that global warming exists, and even more crazy that it is caused by human activity, have spent very little if any time reading about. They just repeat what science “experts” like Al Gore and Hilary Clinton say. It’s so much less tedious than actually studying the subject.

If they had, they would find that the global temperature right now is actually less than 7000 years ago. Imagine all those SUV’s driving around 7000 years ago causing global warming. Didn’t they use horse drawn chariots, or walk?

Below are some additional facts from political expert Dick Morris that might interest the inquisitive mind. He doesn’t claim to be a climate expert, and neither do I. He just quotes others.

Climate Change: Evidence Indicates Hiatus

By Dick Morris on June 2, 2017

The evidence of global climate readings strongly backs up President Trump’s decision to rescind the US signature on the Paris Accords. Liberals have taken to denying the facts, calling dissenters “climate deniers.” Some have even equated such opinions with those of holocaust deniers and have even sought to criminalize their opinions.

And the fashionistas have taken over, mocking those who insist on following the data rather than the late-night talk show consensus, calling them “anti-science” and “flat earth people.”

Here is the key fact: From 1998-2012, the Earth’s temperature warmed by 12/100 of one degree Centigrade, itself a slowing of the warming pace of the previous decade. But for the second half of this period — from 2001-2012– the pace of warming dropped by even more — with the Earth warming by only 5/100 of one degree.

The left is fond of citing the statistic that 2016 — and 2015 and 2014 before it — was the warmest year on record. That’s true. But the margin by which each year was warmer than the one before was microscopic. In fact, the temperatures did not change much at all.

The media is happy to point out that the U.S. is the “greatest polluter” in history. But U.S. emissions of carbon have dropped while China’s have soared. By 2011, the United States accounted for 17% of global carbon emissions while China was the source of 27%. To make us the bad guys is to hold our distant past against us. Each year, China increases its emissions by an amount equal to Japan’s total carbon emissions during the year.

And the U.S. has dramatically decreased its emissions from 6,000 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent to 5,000 from 2007-2014 by switching from costly coal to less expensive and, thanks to fracking, more available natural gas. (The left, which claims to be concerned about carbon emissions, fights tooth and nail against fracking even though it mitigates the problem significantly.)

Finally, Trump’s refusal to stay in the Paris system is motivated by China’s so-so participation. The Chinese have not committed to any fixed target or any specific steps to reduce its carbon output, the largest in the world. Rather, they promise to give the subject their earnest attention several years down the road. In the meantime, one quarter of global emissions come from China.

So Trump has struck a blow for economic sanity and scientific truth by pulling out of the Paris accords. Good for him! Good for us!

Our view: We would add that the Paris Accord, if enforced in the US, would cost each family $20,000. Total cost to all countries would be $2.5-$3 TRILLION. All this just to enrich the fat cats behind this fairy tale of man-caused climate change. There is not a shred of evidence. The statement of 97% of all scientists agree is “fake news” and worse. Many of the scientists on that list have sued because they were never asked, have demanded to be taken off, and are still on the list.

As the founder of the Climate Exchange, Richard Sandor, who also invented the “carbon credit” traded on the exchange, said upon the founding of the exchange, “this is potentially a $10 TRILLION business.”

And that is what this hoax is all about.