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Why Are Millions Of Americans Supporting Trump?

Here is an example of why:

The writes,

President Obama has lifted a long-standing ban on immigrants with three types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): chancroid, granuloma inguinale, and lymphogranuloma venereum.

So what about the costs associated with the new rule change on the three remaining STDs? Don’t worry, Obama’s HHS secretary ran the numbers and explained in the Federal Register that “The results are not economically significant, i.e. more than $100 million of costs and benefits in a single year.” In other words, the cost of welcoming in aliens with these STDs will be below $100 million every year.

Apparently Washington thinks it’s an even trade: we give these alleged “refugees” welfare, food stamps, housing, clothing, etc. and they give us STDs. It’s the new paradigm, folks. And that’s why Americans are fed up with politicians who don’t care one bit about Americans or America or “change.” Americans are sick and tired of “change.” They want to go back to the America the world respected, and the country we all loved.