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The Russian-Trump Collusion Hoax Is Unwinding

We have written since the beginning of the story in 2016 that it was a hoax started by the top puppet masters behind the far left. Now that hoax is finally surfacing for what it was and is unraveling day to day.

It involves so many top people of the last administration as well as the appointees of that time who are still in their jobs. This could end up being very bloody. A wounded animal is unpredictable and is capable of the most heinous acts.

It will be interesting to see how the so-called ‘mainstream media,” which specializes in fake news and spreading it, will handle it. Will they apologize? Or will the double up and call all the new revelations just a trick by the GOP to defend the president? We believe it will unfortunately the latter.

We turn on some of these networks for 15-30 minutes sometimes just to see if they are reporting on any of this. We just have to shake our heads listening to all the lies and deceptions given to the viewer. It’s like the new in the Soviet Union decades ago, and worse than communist China.

Now we the wife of the founder of Fusion GPS writes what many people had suspected for some time, that her husband was the creator of the ‘dossier’ that alleged the Russia-Trump “collusion,” hiring a British former intelligence officer. Apparently, the content of the dossier was found to be false after the FBI, the DNC, and Clinton Foundation and paid millions of dollars for its creation.

Imagine, that dossier hoax was the basis for the appointment of Special Counsel. That has probably cost taxpayers millions of dollars already and there is no end in sight. When will this charade end? Many of the top, well-known people involved with this hoax are also connected with the sale of 20% of US uranium deposits to Russia under the previous Administration. Reportedly, over $100 million went into the pockets of private entities on that dead. That is the true Russian collusion.

All of those have a vested interested interests in trying to oust President Trump. That’s why it was vital for these people for Clinton to win the election. It had nothing to do with politics, but everything with corruption.

Here is an excerpt of an article on this subject from ZeroHedge:

The Russiagate story concocted by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, who coincidently funded Fusion GPS (the firm behind the ‘Trump dossier’ that the entire Russia election meddling is based upon), is unraveling at record speed.

Mary Jacoby, the wife of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, who is the man in the middle of the entire Russiagate scandal, boasted on Facebook about how ‘Russiagate,’ would not exist if it weren’t for her husband.

Tablet Magazine reports…

A Tablet investigation using public sources to trace the evolution of the now-famous dossier suggests that central elements of the Russiagate scandal emerged not from the British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s top-secret “sources” in the Russian government—which are unlikely to exist separate from Russian government control—but from a series of stories that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby co-wrote for TheWall Street Journal well before Fusion GPS existed, and Donald Trump was simply another loud-mouthed Manhattan real estate millionaire.

Understanding the origins of the “Steele dossier” is especially important because of what it tells us about the nature and the workings of what its supporters would hopefully describe as an ongoing campaign to remove the elected president of the United States.

In a Facebook post from June 24, 2017, that Tablet has seen in screenshots, Jacoby claimed that her husband deserves the lion’s share of credit for Russiagate. (She has not replied to repeated requests for comment.)

“It’s come to my attention that some people still don’t realize what Glenn’s role was in exposing Putin’s control of Donald Trump,” Jacoby wrote. “Let’s be clear. Glenn conducted the investigation. Glenn hired Chris Steele. Chris Steele worked for Glenn.”

This assertion is hardly a simple assertion of family pride; it goes directly to the nature of what became known as the “Steele dossier,” on which the Russiagate narrative is founded.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the news of the Facebook post comes amid heightened scrutiny for the opposition research firm.
According to Fox News reporter Jake Gibson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called on a senior Justice Department attorney to look into appointing a special counsel to investigate recently demoted official Bruce Ohr’s contacts with Fusion GPS.

“Sessions on calls for a special counsel to look into Sr DOJ Official Bruce Ohr, and wife Nellie’s contacts with Fusion GPS during the summer and fall of 2016: I’ve put a Senior Attorney, with the resources he may need, to review cases in our office and make a recommendation to me, if things aren’t being pursued that need to be pursued, if cases may need more resources to complete in a proper manner, and to recommend to me if the standards for a special counsel are met, and the recommended one should be established,” tweeted Fox News reporter Jake Gibson on Tuesday.

My View: It’s crazy how large a fake news story can become. Almost like if it is repeated over and over then it becomes true. People search for truth and cling to any “truth” they can find. They fail to realize that their entire search was founded on a lie. The DNC and Hillary Clinton funded “research” (in this case, a disguise for a concoction of fake news) in order to attempt to use it for political gain. We have all been made as pawns in the DNC’s political game.

They bought the media, they bought congress, and they even bought the FBI other agencies. They were funded by big money that thrives off of our naivety. We must not let that keep happening.


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