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“In the investment markets, what everyone knows is usually not worth knowing.”
Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon: Target Of Defamation Tactics

The Elitists have their way of trying to eliminate those who dare expose the evil tactics of the Establishment: destroy their reputations.

With Trump (DJT), it was the terms “scamster, fraudster, sexual predator.”

The “fraud” charge is usually reserved for reputable business people who have the most to lose when such term is used to describe them. (We know from personal experience).

Look at what they tried to do with film maker Dinesh D’Souza for making several movies about the Left. (Most recent movie: “Hillary’s America”. It’s a ‘must see” about political deceptions of the past 150 years.) In the movie, he tells the story of how he was prosecuted for making a small political contribution to the campaign of an old friend, apparently even without that person’s knowledge. He was found guilty, and was sent to prison, “part time”.

Even the Establishment member Mitt Romney used this defamation tactic to attack DJT in March of this year, when he said:  “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud.” How shameful for a former presidential candidate, who ran a losing race, to say that.

DJT just met with Romney. It’s a great strategy. We don’t think DJT will ever forget Romney’s statements.

Steve Bannon, one of the top Trump advisors, who at one point was a partner at Goldman Sachs and knows how the establishment works, is apparently shaping the Trump strategy. He presents the biggest danger to the Elitists who lost control with the Nov. 8 election.

Now he is described by the Left as “racist, anti-semite.” These two accusations are always pulled out of the hat whenever everything else fails.

Bannon became head of Breitbart News (, after founder Andrew Breitbart died mysteriously one night when he was out for a walk in his neighborhood. The organization always reported the facts the major media would not report.

Here is how the Washington Times describes him.

It was this weekend that the tea party movement went from being ridiculed to be being attacked. It was this weekend that the left began claiming the tea party movement was racist. No one ever offered proof of this allegation, even after Andrew Breitbart put up a $100,000 reward looking for evidence to back up the left’s claim (that the Tea Party were a bunch of racists). I later learned it was that documentary filmmaker – Steve Bannon – who helped back up the reward.

Steve was there and saw we were not racist but peaceful, polite, and impeccably clean protesters. (We have a reputation for cleaning the West Lawn to leave it better than when we arrived.) Steve stood by us and worked to show the falsehoods in the left’s claims. Since then, he has been a loyal ally and a good friend to the tea party movement.

Now these same attacks are being lobbed at Steve Bannon. He is being called an anti-Semite – despite the fact that he was in business with Andrew Breitbart, Larry Solov and Joel Pollak (all three are Jewish), and he ensured opened an Israel bureau, which had been a dream of Andrew Breitbart’s.

He is being called a “goon,” and some even suggest he is not wise enough to have the White House Chief Strategist position – despite the fact that he was a naval officer and a managing partner at Goldman Sachs.

Despite their wailing and shrieking, the professional left has targeted Bannon not because he has no experience in politics, but for precisely the opposite reason – because they know he possesses an incisive understanding of the inner workings of Washington, D.C., and how the city works on behalf of its Establishment, to the exclusion of the broader American citizenry.

Just watch his documentary “Generation Zero,” or the “Boomtown” episodes he helped air on Sean Hannity’s show in 2012. He understands how Washington works, and they know he will be President Trump’s closest adviser to break up business as usual – and, therefore, they’re determined to stop him.

Yes, character assassination is the specialty of the Elite. Destroy a person’s good reputation achieved over a lifetime, and you neutralize them.

With Trump, that actually backfired. As alleged “victims” materialized out of thin air, all within two weeks, with unsubstantiated charges of what happened 10-20 years ago, true Americans saw how far the opposition would go to destroy anyone who would threaten their control over local and Federal governments.

The big test is still ahead. They will not make it easy for the Trump Administration. But DJT is no pushover. His choice of the top people so far is a clear indication that his choices are based on good character first. It is refreshing.

We expect increasingly larger demonstrations heading into the Inauguration., and more violence. Apparently, the disrupters have already planned “Woman Day” for several hundred thousand demonstrators the day after the inauguration. However, law enforcement is on the side of Trump. They may not tolerate more violence. Will we see massive arrests?

It remains to be seen if America will show, just as on election day, what they want the course of the nation to be. We are encouraged that America has woken up and sent a clear message, “we have had enough of corruption and want to make America great again.” If the major media is smart, they should drop the propaganda, and become news outlets again. Remember, when CNN was a premier news company?

The year 2017 promises to be an extremely important year for Americans, America, and investors. Be cautious.