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The Swiss People Say: “No Free Lunch Wanted Here”

“Universal Income” is the concept of the government giving a monthly check to everyone, whether they work or not. The Swiss call it basic income, but in the US people are pushing to use the term “universal income. “

The Swiss voted this weekend whether basic income should be put on a referendum. It would be 2,500 sf per month for each adult and 625 sf for each child.

About 78% of the Swiss people voted to reject this terrible idea.

Canada tried it but decided not to continue it. The alleged benefits are that people can stay home and raise a family. The people would then spend it, thus boosting the economy which puts less strain on the current welfare system.

While millions of people in the US have rushed to support the communist running for president, who promises lots of “free goodies,” the Swiss have shown that they are much smarter than these Americans. They know there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch.’ Someone always has to pay for it.

Commentary in Switzerland was: “If you would offer every individual a Swiss amount of money, you would have billions of people who would try to move into Switzerland.”

Because, once you start handing out free lunches, everyone wants a piece of the pie…

Here is what Breitbart wrote about it:

“Andreas Ladner, a political scientist at Lausanne University, told RTS the Swiss were ‘realistic’ in their assessment of the UBI plan. Accepting that people can “be paid without having to work would have been a very big step” for the industrious Swiss, he said.

Critics have slammed the initiative as ‘a Marxist dream,’ warning of sky-high costs and people quitting their jobs in droves, causing economic chaos.”

We congratulate the people of Switzerland. The 40-year long “re-education” agenda at US universities must be reversed. Our children are being taught that capitalism is evil and socialism is great. Everything now must be “politically correct,” and that means no freedom of thought or ideas are tolerated. We must all be unthinking idiots.

At many US universities now, “free speech” can only take place in special, small areas on campus in a designated “free speech area.”  Do you remember when the entire USA was a “free speech area?”

Take a look around the world and see the poverty, misery, and starvation that socialism/communism has created. Look at North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, or China where the average per capita disposable income is around $5,000 (31,100 yuan) per year, according to Is that what our university professors want?

Where are the parents of these children? Why don’t they form an alliance and confront the university boards? After all, they are paying the bills.