The Contrarian

“In the investment markets, what everyone knows is usually not worth knowing.”

The First Year

The president of the USA so far has had a successful first term. He has demonstrated that a successful businessman can do the job better than political hacks. He is cleaning up the big messes left by the previous administrations.

The president is considered doing an excellent job in his first year in the eyes of his supporters to the consternation of the far left. The tax cut plan passed, a major accomplishment. His international journeys have restored American respect, and in spite of all the sabotage from the ‘Swamp Monsters’ who see their game of corruption of the past decade being exposed, he makes Americans proud again.

Americans have waited a long time to have someone represent them instead of the highly paid lobbyists and their puppets in Congress. So far, so good. And the stock market is celebrating. Now the challenge is to get rid of all the “agents” of the Swamp Monsters still employed by government.

Mr. Trump was accused of sexual harassment although there was never a shred of evidence. Now we find out that the women claiming harassment by the president years ago actually were solicited and paid. One was even offered $750,000 to say she was harassed just two days before the election. That’s a lot of money, but she refused.

This is an old political trick: come out with some phony sexual charges just ahead of an election, not giving the target any time to produce evidence that it is untrue.

The question: it is known who delivered the offer, an attorney known for her questionable tactics. But who would have come up with the money? Your guess is probably the same as ours.

Americans have to let their representatives know that the agenda of destroying the president must end. He is the properly elected President of the USA and deserves everyone’s support. Calling for his assassination, bombing the White House, or impeachment without giving any reasons is just doing the dirty work for our most powerful enemies abroad.

Years ago we used to call that treason.

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