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Liberal TV Host, Chris Mathews Opinion On James Comey Testimony

“… you know, after this testimony no reasonable person can believe that Donald Trump had anything to do with the Russians.”

The testimony he refers to is that of fired FBI director, James Comey in front of a Senate committee.

If even an outspoken leader of the anti-Trump movement says this, why is there a special prosecutor working, and getting paid for by taxpayers, to investigate the Russian rumors. So far, they are only rumors, after about 10 months of investigations by various US intelligence agencies.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich criticized former FBI Director James Comey, and called for the dissolution of the special counsel on the Russia investigation on the grounds that it was based on Comey’s ‘manipulation’ – calling it ‘poisoned fruit.’

“Gingrich paints Comey as a bitter man out for revenge,” writes Gingrich pointed out that the independent counsel, by Comey’s own testimony yesterday, was created because of his manipulation, because of his leak, because of his deliberate intent to force it to happen.

Comey said his memo was created to get an independent counsel appointed.

Every small business owner has had employees like this. They are deceitful, manipulative, and can’t be trusted. Why wouldn’t the president have fired him? It is imperative that the director of this superb and powerful investigative agency is a trustworthy person.

Our View:  Since the beginning of this talking point of the Russian ‘collusion’ we have pointed out that there is absolutely not one shred of evidence to support it. It was just a bunch of “fake news” on major, liberal TV shows and newspapers.

Rumors, innuendos, falsehoods, and deliberate lies were used to perpetuate this fiction. It was a very well executed propaganda campaign. Many Americans really believed it because they heard it so often.

Hitlers propaganda minister, Goebbels, said “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it.”

Our enemies abroad are laughing of how the US destroys itself. A foreign government could never have been as successful as the “enemy within.”