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US and European Voters Reject Oppressive Socialism

We wrote that Trump would win, barring massive election fraud, and this would be another sign that the people of the western world are rejecting oppressive socialism. So far, that trend is in motion. It’s similar to the dramatic turn starting with President Reagan, then Margaret Thatcher, and others.

Brexit was the start. Now it’s Trump. The media calls it populism. We call it votes for freedom, respect for the rights of individuals, rescinding all the politically correct extremism and insanity.

On November 20, the poll in France shows that Marine Le Pen has taken a huge lead. She is president of the National Front, a national-conservative political party in France. Just a few days earlier, the polls had concluded that she didn’t have a chance.

If you listened to her interview on the BBC a week ago, you had to conclude that she might have a good chance to be the next Prime Minister of France. Now it seems that may turn out to be correct. She would stop the mass migration into France. You don’t see such interviews on US TV media.

Here is the headline from

Marine Le Pen Takes “Huge Lead” In French Presidential Election Poll Just Days After Being Written Off

“Pollsters say Marine Le Pen has next to no chance of winning the French presidency

— The Independent (@Independent) November 16, 2016: … today we learned that contrary to previous polls, the leader of National Front leader Marine – the person whose surge in the past few years has been most equated to the French populist revolt that has taken place in the UK and US – has taken a commanding lead in the latest French presidential election poll.

As the Independent writes in “Marine Le Pen takes huge lead over nearest rival in new French presidential election poll“, according to the latest, Nov. 20, Ipsos poll, Le Pen had 29% of the vote when pitted against Nicolas Sarkozy, who was eight points behind, and held a 15-point lead over the Parti de Gauche’s Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the poll released by Ipsos, which analysed five scenarios with different frontrunners.

In Italy, we will see a similar revolution. The referendum will fail, and the PM of Italy, Matteo Renzi, will hopefully resign as he promised.

Austria is also seeing a move to the right. The election in early December will show by how much. Many Europeans are opposed to massive migration of people who cannot be vetted, who don’t want to assimilate, who commit rapes and crimes, and insist on welfare and their own laws.

A leading socialist in France, Bernard-Henri Levy, said: Indeed, “If Trump is possible, then everything is possible. Nothing, from now on, is unimaginable.”

He is right. It will be a big shock for many.

The left is in disarray. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, warned that “Europe is in danger of falling apart.”

The Wall Street Journal writes: “Not surprisingly, the mood in Brussels, where this situation is being watched closely, is gloomy.”

Yes, we said that after the Brexit vote. The monstrous EU government in Brussels has gone far beyond its mandate. It is now micro-managing the economies of its member nations, which has aroused growing resentment. The EU government must reform urgently, or it will disintegrate.

In the media, all the attention is on what Britain will do about the Brexit. The much more important question is: what will Brussels do to keep other EU nations from leaving as well? What will prevent the EU from falling apart? Only a massive overhaul. But who will instigate that?

The transition will be very bumpy as well as painful for some. But the end result will be worth it.